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The Saga of Beowulf, Book II:
The Land of Ice & Fire

by R. Scot Johns

ISBN: 978-0-9821538-2-6
332 Pages / 162,648 Words


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"The Saga of Beowulf" continues as the fledgling hero returns victorious from his epic adventures in Denmark, only to be horrified at what he finds. Having fled a homeland fraught with feuds and turmoil, he now faces a nation devoured by war. Clans will rise and kings will fall as history is carved in blood upon the cold hard barren lands of northern shores, ranging from the rocky heights of Geatland to the sprawling battlefields of ancient France.

"Part II: The Land of Ice & Fire" takes Beowulf on Viking raids and expeditions to foreign shores where history unfolds before our eyes, revealing the first beginnings of the Frankish nation, internecine struggles for might and title, and the tragic fall of one clan as another rises to devour it.

He has overcome horrendous Ogres, defeated hideous Witch Hags, and toppled monstrous Stone Trolls. But now he must confront the hardest battle of his life. Experience the stunning conclusion in "Part II: The Land of Ice & Fire."

NOTE: This edition contains exclusive digital bonus content, including high-resolution rear jacket cover art from the print edition, a "Norse Rune Decoder" for deciphering the untranslated passages found throughout the book, and a 25-page "Author's Afterword" detailing the adaptation process and discussing the reasoning behind many of the plot decisions that were made.

Part II: The Land of Ice & Fire

  • Genealogical Chart
  • Map of Scandinavia
  1. Beowulf’s Return
  2. The Battle Of Ravenswood
  3. Trial By Ordeal
  4. Aftermath
  5. The Fury Of The Northmen
  6. The Ill-Fated Raid
  7. Day Of The Raven
  8. Cry Of The Wolf
  9. The Lay Of The Last Survivor
  10. Blood Oath, Blood Feud
  11. The Battle Of Fire & Ice
  12. The Crown Of Kings
  13. Wrath Of The Dragon
  14. Lament Of The Lost

Bonus Digital Edition Content:

  • Norse Rune Decoder
  • Author’s Afterword
  • Glossary of Proper Names
  • Glossary of Place Names

"To my surprise, I found I enjoyed the second half even more than the first."
   - Dr. Al Past, Professor of Linguistics

"All the elements are there, woven into a thick tapestry of prose."
   - Lupa, Green Wolf Books

"An epic novel riddled with adventure, real history, and violence of the oldest kind."
   - Araminta Matthews, Front Street Reviews

See the "Complete Edition" product page for more reviews!

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